Farmbot Meets The Tiny House Movement (?)

Hi everyone… I’m building a 28’ long, 13.5’ high, 8.5’ wide Tiny Home. I want to put a Farmbot on the roof.

It will most likely stay parked in a lot. Tiny Homes can be as high as 13.5 feet… obviously a ferryboat on top adds machinery and greenery.

If it stays in one place, I don’t see a problem. I would probably build a geodesic dome tunnel shell out of this type of inexpensive plastic that resembles glass. This would be what the structure would be like on top of the home.

I’m also curious as to whether a farmbot could be built so if one needed to remove the dome and move the tiny home, the large metal parts could fold down flat and lay by the side. Forgive my lack of technical jargon to describe farmbot’s parts. I just want to ask if there is a way to essentially make a collapsible farmbot.

I would optimally love to have the garden be sloped vertically so it can follow the tiny home’s shed roof.

Thanks again

Hey there,

FarmBot’s gantry can fairly quickly/easily be removed from the tracks and laid flat for storage or transportation. All you need to do is disconnect the belts and drag chain and slide the gantry off the tracks! It takes just about 10 minutes.

Hi Rory… thanks for the reply! Good news.