Farmbot motors and encoders

Hi I’m trying to source motors and encoders for this project at the moment. My question is what is the best motor /encoder combo for running this on RAMPS?

I read a few things about the difficulty of encoder pulse sensing using the stock encoder (360 pulses /rev). So would it be better for me to source a 40 pulses/rev encoder? (given i’m targeting ±1mm accuracy & using a 20 tooth gt2 belt)

For the motor, I can source a 500 mNm static torque motor as per LCO motors. Does anyone have an opinion on whether this should go higher or lower?

Also another thought, given the encoder/motor combo is quite difficult to source and high price, Rory have you considered just overpowering it using Nema23, and say connect it to off the shelf 5A drivers such as the (TB6600)?