Farmbot Network crashed after hitting E-Stop

I was running a sequence for tool grabbing when I had to hit E-stop really quick before the tool head ran into the tool tray.

I tried to unlock the Farmbot after and noticed that it wasn’t receiving any commands and was recognized as off within the Web App. I decide to check my WiFi browser and noticed that the Farmbot network wasn’t even up anymore.

After 3 restarts I still can’t get the WiFi network to launch.

A little confused as 90% of the time a restart works just fine but not this time.


Checking my Farmbot after I just made this post.

All is well again but I’m very confused as to how the Farmbot kept its network connected to my computer and through the Web App even when I turned it off and let is sit for about 3 min each time.

I did not have to configure the network at all. It just kept the connection.

You are lucky. I am not able to run any sequences.

absolutly none of your sequences will execute?

what are you trying to accomplish?
(Im no expert but I’ll damn sure try my best to help you out!)

Quick question. Did you set the Farmbot in a 0,0,0 position before you turned it on and began the sequence?

Whenever you start your Farmbot where ever the x,y, z-axis are is considered 0,0,0.

For me, I made sure that my Farmbot starts with the Y position at the right side or on the side with the electrical box. My Z axis is about 30MM where the tool bay would sit and the X-axis all the way to the back of the track.

once that has been established you should be able to get your Farmbot to move to specific coordinates and then by hitting the home button, it will always reset itself back to the starting 0,0,0 position.

here some pictures for reference. I hope this helps!


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I have also noticed this, I think there is still a bug that causes the bot to crash. But farmbot usually boots up automatically.

Could you give us more information what’s going wrong or what exactly does not work?

So I found out how to make it run. I have to push the save and run button 3 times before it works.

Next question :grinning: After I set all my tools, what is the next step to start seeding? I dont see any place on the app to tell the bot to start seeding.

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Great news Joel :slight_smile:
Always make sure to press the sync button when you create or change a sequence. If not, your Farmbot does not save what you did.

You need to make a sequence by your own. You can find an example and basic instructions Right here!

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Glad to find out that you figured out your problem @Joelrp84!

the sequence builder is pretty straight forward and intuitive.

just make sure you know your exact coordinates and the execution order needed to successfully achieve the sought after sequence.

good luck!

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