Farmbot Not connecting

I have flashed os version 6.0 to my farmbot, connect to the farmbot network and run the sequence. Log on to my wifi network, login to my.farmbot. io and the app says my farmbot has not been connected. I have strong wifi next to my farmbot, can see the farmbot wifi in my wifi network selection, but still can’t get the farmbot to connect to the app. Please HELP!

If the farmbot-xxxx WiFi network is still visible, something went wrong with the FarmBot OS configuration and it needs to be configured again. See Configurator troubleshooting for more details.

We had a similar issue with our bot. Try using a mobile hotspot in order to get it online. Further, be sure to manually enter the network credentials (we have NEVER connected it with the drop down menu). Once it updates, if you are still unable to connect the WiFi, you’ll probably have to replace the Pi. It took us weeks to figure these things out…