Farmbot offline, logs show cyclical pattern


Just chiming in to say after a reflash and config back to 7.0.1 our bot is back to full operation. thanks for the support FarmBot team!


@QE-Robotics, the FarmBot development team have fixed this issue in the next release :slight_smile: as you can discover on GitHub.


@jsimmonds Are you saying that 7.03 is now stable?


I’m getting “sync unknown” error after I updated to 7.0.1.


I just found out that I was using a wrong account in the configuration after the flash. Farmbot is back up and running


I just wanted to note, that my farmbot is back at work again. I am still keeping os version 7.0.1, but will do upgrade manually from time to time.


Hello @rob.niedermeyer,

No, certainly not saying that.

I’m just a keen retired programmer learning the Elixir-ways of building larger solutions by looking (from the outside) at the “FarmBot ways” of building software.

I doubt that we’ll see 7.0.3+ reach the light of day, judging by the efforts that @connor is putting into FBOS version 8.0.0 !

I’m only guessing at the FarmBot Development team’s workflows, so when I said next I was purely naming the active GitHub branch that has the changes to come (soon) . . :slight_smile:


This is correct. 7.0.2 and 7.0.3 have very few (if any?) user facing changes and are mostly updates to dependencies. Since the next branch is already much more stable and has more new features available, I’m sending my time there instead as in the end it will give a better experience to end users.