Farmbot OS CH341 USB-Serial Support

Some clone Mega2560 Board use CH341 as USB-Serial controller and it is showed as /dev/ttyUSB0 in Linux. It seems FarmbBot OS do not support CH341 in the kernel! Will it be support in the future?

Hello in the very latest release they should be supported now! i added the feature yesterday.

I did the upgrade to OS 2.1.0 but after upgrade the firmware I got error message at the console as follow.

That error message doesnt mean anything actually. Your bot should from the looks of it be able to control the motors and what not now!

i cannot get farmbot usb to serial connection to work but the connect to raspian works perfectly.
What is trick to get the farmbot os to connect to 14.04 ubuntu using screen . as i said works fine on a raspian os on same raspberry pi