FarmBot OS Out of date


My dashboard keeps popping up the message that my FarmBot OS is almost out of date, where do I go to update that system?


I am seeing this, too…


I will take a look. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Same - was in a light blue box near the bottom of the my.farmbot screen after the animated splash. Sorry I didn’t get a screenshot - it goes away pretty quickly…


Same here. Message went away pretty quickly.

After the last update that stopped the farmbot from working, I’m not looking forward to the next update. Hopefully this one goes more smoothly!


@markgregory8 @cris @Intelbotfarmer @Wazzily2002

A new version of the web app was deployed today. Please let me know if the problem still occurs and I can investigate the matter further.


Rick - thanks for all you do - I’ll test this weekend and revert. Really, we’re lucky to have you doing the heavy-lifting to keep these machines running. . .cd


Just loaded the web ui on my Android phone…
I still get the toast… :frowning:
I will try restarting the FB, if you think that will help…
Your call…
Nm - I restarted it…
Still got toast…
But, this is small potato’s…
No real harm that I can tell so far…
I vote that you side-burner this irritant until after V8…


@markgregory8 @cris @Intelbotfarmer @Wazzily2002 It appears that there was a secondary issue at play. That issue now appears to be fixed.

Please let me know if you have any other issues. Thanks!


No Toast!
(and I just got the jam out of the fridge!)

I really want to second what Cris said: You FB Folks Absolutely Rock and must get no sleep!


“new version. . .” banner is no more - thanks for the lift. . .