Farmbot OS wifi fault

Is hardware problem? It seem wifi cannot load

Very likely. What OS and version is flashed to your SD card ?

It work before and connect to farmbot. after one day then it fail connection.
and i re-flash the update version farmbot v12.2.0 farmbot-rpi3-12.2.0.img.

@Tom, thank you.
Maybe ask @Marc whether you can replace the RPiZeroW processor under “warranty” ?
Otherwise you’ll need to buy a new one. This one from Adafruit won’t work because the header pin block is on the wrong side of the PCB.


It seems so. Did this happen immediately after an upgrade? To rule out SD card corruption, you may wish to perform a hard re-flash just to be sure.

Since your problem seems to have happened right after a software release period, it is still possible that this is a software problem. Considering that my devices (and the devices of many customers) are currently running v12.2 without problems, I think this is unlikely. It is not impossible though, and it would be good to double check.

We can test to see if this is a software issue by downgrading to 12.1:

  1. Disable auto update on your account
  2. Re-flash the previous version of FBOS (12.1): Genesis, Express
  3. After running configurator, check to see if the error still occurs.
  4. Re-enable auto update

Please let us know how the test goes and we can continue from there.

Thanks for the information. This is my first installation on farmbot.

I been use V12.1 first and try V12. 2 wifi still fault.

I been install raspberry OS and check wifi.
It cannot detect wifi and wanl0 is fault.

@Tom OK, If you are still getting the fault on Raspberry Pi OS, then it is most likely a hardware problem.

If you are a customer of FarmBot, Inc. and you purchased your device less than a year ago, please email to request a new RPi0.

If you are outside of warranty or you purchased your device elsewhere, you will need to purchase a new RPi0, either from our shop or a third party vendor.

As @jsimmonds has mentioned, be sure that you order a model that has the correct headers installed.

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Thanks for reply. Yes, my farmbot is from farmbot Inc. And less than a year.


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