Farmbot photos flipped

As we continue to sort through the features of our farmbot express I have found a couple of issues with the camera. Initially, it was installed askew and was taking photos at a funny angle. That was an easy fix as we loosened the holder on the Farmbot head, turned it slightly, and then took another photo to ensure we had proper alignment.

Now that we have it scanning and taking photos of the entire bed I am finding a new issue. Each camera image is flipped. I am having trouble figuring out whether this is a setting that needs to be adjusted or whether something that we have to live with. Does anyone have a suggestion? For context below is a screenshot that incorporates the series of photos that show the bottom right corner our raised bed. However, instead of being oriented on the right side of the photo where it should be, the edge of the bed appears on the left side of each photo since the entire photo is flipped.

Thanks in advance for helpful insight.

Have you tried changing the ORIGIN LOCATION IN IMAGE setting in the Camera calibration section of the photos panel?

Thanks Gabriel. That seems to have done the trick. It raises a different question though. We have the Farmbot oriented on the bed as the bottom left as our home position under Map Origin in the Farm Designer menu in settings. However, the Origin Location In Image setting needed to be set to top right in order for the photos to orient themselves correctly. Just to be sure, is there another setting that this is going to trip up?

Hope that isn’t too confusing.

The Farm Designer MAP ORIGIN setting is for adjusting the displayed map to your viewing angle and can be changed at any time (for example, if you walked to the other side of the bot). The Camera Calibration ORIGIN LOCATION IN IMAGE setting should be used while calibrating the camera to correctly place images in the map and only needs to be set once.

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