Farmbot Physical Exactness

We have been having a few issues with our robot and noticed that the bed we attached it to seems to be uneven and that the tracks are slightly bowed. Does this have a big impact on the machine working? We are unable to get one of the engines to work as well and we’re struggling to get this project off the ground.

Hello @ACLD

Where is it uneven and how bad is it? Does it affect the X-axis rails or is it just the soil level? Ithink it would be much easier for us if you add a photo of this.

This may be a problem but it depends how bad it is. You should try to move the gantry in X-axis direction by hand (unmount belts first) to see if you can feel resistance while pushing. Also a photo would be great.

Could you provide a few more information about that? Which motor is not working, what are your hardware setting in the webapp, how does it behave? What did you already try to get it fixed?