FarmBot Plates Drawing


I’m interested in building my own FarmBot. I have the “All Brackets Waterjet Layout for Standard Bot” DXF file for what I believe is the 1.0 version of the FarmBot. If I wanted to order the brackets for the 1.2 version of the FarmBot, is there an equivalent file available? Also, I know one of the things you have done on the newer models used one piece, bent brackets. How would I bend the aluminum without cracking it?


No ideas anyway?

It looks like the latest DXF files are here:

It’s a shame that some of the plates require bending. I would have recommended designing them as two flat plates that join together at 90 degrees with nutstrip or possibly tab-and-slot.

5 mm 5052 is difficult to bend unless you’ve got a fairly strong brake. I’ve done bending before using just hand tools, clamps, vices, etc., but that is with thinner stuff.

That having been said, if you use 5052 alloy, it should bend without cracking.

We incorporated bent plates in v1.2 because it simplifies the assembly and increases strength in some key areas. We understand though that this is less DIY friendly. So we do plan to release alternate, flat-plate designs for the DIYers out there.

These drawings (bent design and flat-plate alternate design) will be available in a few weeks when we bring the v1.2 CAD model and documentation out of beta. We will make an announcement on the email newsletter when this happens :slight_smile:

As far as alloy goes, we used 5052 for all of the bent components.