Farmbot reboots often (UART device removed)


Several times a day Farmbot reboots itself out of blue. Here is what I see in the logs all the time it happens.
v1.3 with additional peripheral (another solenoid and a relay)

Any thoughts?


This problem is progressing over time. Now it reboots every 5-10 min with the same error. Do you think it is a software or electrical nature?

Any help would be highly appreciated!

The error indicates that Farmduino has disconnected, which could be either a data or power issue. Have you tried unplugging your additional peripheral or swapping out USB cables? If the USB cable is causing the issue, we’d be happy to send you a replacement.

@Gabriel I think I found the problem. The camera’s seal is broken and water got in. It caused short circuit and all USB disconnected making bot to reboot.

Would you please send me the replacement?

Thank you,

Yes, send an email to and we’ll send out a replacement this week.