Farmbot software demo / docs

Hi farmers out there,

I am getting infected with the farmbot virus and planning on building one myself.
The only thing I would like to know more about at the moment is the stage of the software development. Therefore it would be useful if there would be a “demo” version which simulates a farmbot in order to play around and see how far
the software is grown by now. Is there any possibility? By now these questions arose:

  • is the designer connected to the seeder? Such that I only need to state which plant seed is in which seeding pot and then farmbot seeds on its own with the information from the designer?
  • what is the watering philosophy at the moment? writing a routine where the soil sensor is read and then derive watering
    parameters from that?
  • is there any only weather implementation by now?
  • how would additional software pieces be developed? Do I need to dig deep in coding?

Thanks a lot, looking forward to an exciting summer!!!

As no one is replying, for future users:
The app currently does not work in Safari, it always says:

Nice to know, I guess nobody tried this before.
As far as I know there is only Chrome and Firefox officially supported.