Farmbot spain community


I am in Spain and I am interested in building my own farmbot. I was wondering if someone in Spain have thought in building o putting together farmbots, if it’s like that i will be interested in share some comments :wink:

Thanks a lot, hope to find someone, it will be cool to form a group.


Hi, how are you ?
I am currently building a farmbot with a friend for a master’s project, we study digital manufacturing, we want to improve the final product, which is modularized vertically and horizontally.

Hi Felipe,

Wonderful to hear from you, I thought I was the only one in Spain. do you prefer to talk Spanish? I am in Barcelona, where are you at? my email is xavi.vieira[at] maybe we can collaborate in the future or I can learn from you? are you 3d printting the parts? what’s your budget so far?

I am very interesting in extend the farmbot to cover bigger areas.


Great to find other people from Spain interested in the project. I’m based in Barcelona and I’m just starting to incubate the idea of building farmbot myself.

It’s probably quite early for me to start playing on it since we are about to start some housing reforms which means lack of space and spare time. But I’ll be following up on anything that happens and hopefully should be able to contribute.


Another spanish interested in build a farmbot. But I’ll not start the project until december. I’ll buy a new house with space on the roof for that.

Nice to meet you friends.

Hola chicos,
another guy interested in that project. I´m based near Valencia. I have a question, anyone knows if there is a maximum measurement for the farmbot???
Many thanks.

Hallo, is there anyone from Spain who has a farmbot???
I am from Canary Islands (Gran Canaria) and I am interested in buying one farmbot but I dont know it is too difficult for me to build it.



Did you find some reseller that sends to Canary Islands?


No Pedro, todavía no me he animado a comprar pero sigo interesado.
Un saludo