Farmbot thinks it is home when it is not

While executing some sequence, a bug in our code caused the process to stop running.

When we try to send the Farmbot back home(0,0,0), it moves to a different position(100, 143, 0) and thinks that is home. It does this repeatedly.

The representation at The FarmBot Web App also shows it at home( -0.6, 0, 0).

I am puzzled about what could be wrong since this happened in the middle of execution and the Farmbot was working satisfactorily before.

Any hints about how I could troubleshoot this would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @markt is this failure reliably repeatable ?

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@jsimmonds Yes it is.

It happened three times with different plants located on the same side of the garden but we assumed it was an issue with our code.

@markt Could you post the Sequence details ( or manual steps ) which cause this to happen ?
Are you confident that the bot is moving correctly otherwise ?

We ended up using the Manual homing from here: Calibrate and Home FarmBot | FarmBot Software Documentation to correct it.

Thank you so much for your help

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