FarmBot to take care of composting bin


I am an enthusiast of urban gardening proposal, and FarmBot project is amazing! Congratulations for developing it!!

I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and I am interested in building one FarmBot to take care of seedling nursery.

But I am writing here to ask if there are some efforts to make the gantry also to take care of a composting bin, such as control its humidity, temperature and mainly to turn over the composting bin, so it can aerate the compost and elevate its temperature.

Thank you for your great project,



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Hi Denis, while there are no plans for the gantry to manage a compost bin, you could definitely add extra hardware and electronics and have them be controlled by FarmBot. For example, a motor to rotate the bin, a mister to increase humidity, and sensors to monitor it. Here are some ideas:

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