Farmbot version 6.4.11 cannot start due to "Certificate expired"

It goes into an endless configuration loop. with Last Shutdown reason:

tls_alert: certificate expired

It does not say what certificate expired since you have so many ways to connect to your cloud (mqtt, amqt, websockets etc) all of them having separate ports and possibly different certs.

why are you still using mqtt and amqt? WebSockets can do all that an more…

MQTT and WebSockets solve different problems.

Not really…you can do everything with WS that you think you need to do with MQTT . I am working on IoT since 2009 and can do anything with WS that MQTT claims its “be needed for”. MQTT only makes it harder for IT departments to even allow outbound connectivity because its inherently insecure (only the latest version allows for SSL/TLS - Password and UserName in cleartext in header - if there even is one…do I need to say more?)

If you’ve been working in IoT for 9 years, you know that they can’t directly be compared to one another. They have a lot of overlap, but Web Sockets do not replace MQTT (or visa versa). Perhaps when talking in the context of FarmBot, it may be different.

I think what you are talking about is MQTT over Web Sockets, which seems like a natural match because they work very well together.

We are in the same situation: the farmbot keeps coming back to the configurator with this error. Any way to get around this?

I had this problem and resolved it by flashing the SD card with the latest Farmbot OS

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Same - We fixed ours simply by reflashing the SDcard

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This is a issue with NTP (Network Time Protocol). We’ve noticed this on one of our devices also. I’ve been investigating the issue

I have the same issue. I’ll go try to reflash the card.

I had the farmbot off for the winter. I wonder if I’m going to have to do this every spring because that would be annoying.

I have the same issue but re-flashing did not help me.

Any other solutions?

@staurani, as @connor mentioned above, if FarmbotOS cannot get the system time up-to-date using NTP, then this issue will arise. Are you able to confirm ( e.g. by connecting a Linux laptop to that Wi-Fi access point that your FarmBot uses ) whether NTP servers can be reached ?

[ The default NTP servers on FarmbotOS are and and clearly, also, the DNS name resolver on the FarmbotOS will also need to be working so that those NTP names can be “looked up”. ]