Farmbot Web Frontend Error

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and I wanted to know if you can help me:

After following all these steps ( the compilation looks good, I get this in the terminal “webpack: Compiled successfully.” but when I try to sing up a new user an error pops out: “Problem: farmbot web app hit an unhandled exception…

What is the problem or how can I debug it?



P.S.: I am using Ubuntu 16.10, node v7.8.0 and npm 4.4.4.

PS: Debugging with Chrome I got the following errors:


You appear to not be running the API on your local machine. The frontend code you have compiled appears to be working as intended, however, the frontend is not a standalone application and requires other local servers if you wish to run it locally. Aside from building the frontend (the part that runs in the browser), you also need an API server so that the bot has a place to store data and an MQTT gateway to help the device send messages to users.

Thanks for your answer. We’ll try it.