FarmBot Web Interface unresponsive, can't connect or use FarmBot


I am writing a Farmware for using the D-link DSP-W215 (smart plug) to toggle a lamp. After installing the Farmware, I tried to update it when suddenly the web interface became unresponsive. Now, the web interface won’t respond when loading the page.
I tried resetting the Raspberry Pi itself which didn’t change a thing.
I observed (in Chrome’s DevTools) that the DOM object count keeps on increasing and CPU usage is constantly at 100%.

I would be really glad if someone from FarmBot’s Developer Team could contact me to help me resolve this issue.

Hey @Sociast

sounds like an interesting farmware that we’d love to see when its ready :partying_face:
I guess @RickCarlino would be the right person for your issue.


It sounds like an interesting project! Here’s usually what happens when you notice a UI lockup during Farmware development

  • A log message (or RPC) requires a screen update at the UI layer.
  • A screen update requires CPU resources
  • Therefore, an unusually high number of log messages (or any operation that causes the bot’s state to change too often, such as polling) will consume all of the browsers CPU resources.

Some things to look for are:

  • Sending too many RPC messages at one time
  • Sending too many logs
  • Performing a polling operation (Doing RPCs on a timer)

I might be able to take a look if you upload the source code to a public code hosting platform such as Github or Bitbucket, although I would ask that you try to isolate the issue as much as possible (our team is small and time resources are limited).

Some questions:

  • Have you been throttled by the server during development? You will see a message similar to this: "Device is sending too many logs (%s). Suspending log storage and display until %s."
  • Do you perform any operations on a timer? There are very few times in Farmware development where it is OK to do polling.

As a side note, I would like to mention that I have been authoring developer documentation over the past few months. I would value your feedback. Is there anything missing that you would like added? We have been making a big push for developer docs in the last 3 months, and your feedback is appreciated.

Please let me know if the issues noted above apply to the Farmware you are authoring.

@Sociast It’s come to my attention that this exact same question was asked in our documentation help forum 7 months ago (link). Are you the same person who asked this question before?