Farmbot wifi configuration not connecting

I finished the hardware assembly and started up the RPI 3 with the power supply. I have flashed the SD card with OS Version 6.4.1 and my laptop is only able to find the farmbot-xxxx network maybe 1 out of 4 times I power up. Stuck on step 1 of the configurator, when I actually am able to find the farmbot-xxxx network, it takes about one second before I get a connection error and am not able to connect. Shortly after, the network disappears and I have to start all over again. I have tried various times with no success. I cant seem to figure out what to do. Please advise.


Was finally able to connect momentarily and once accessing the configuration page, this appeared.


How much distance / blockage is between the FB (raspberry) and your laptop?

About 5 feet, nothing in between

Can you try removing the network from your laptop and try connecting with a smartphone or tablet if you have one available? some rogue device may be causing DHCP to fail which brings the hotspot down.