FarmBot wiring diagram

Hi guys!

Is there in the documentation an wiring diagram for FarmBot, from the power supply to all the other components? After an extensive search, I couldn’t find anything.

Help would be appreciated!

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Most of the wiring connections can be found on the Electronics: Plug Everything In page of the documentation. We’ve included labels on the Farmduino and highlighted the connectors in each step. We don’t currently have a wiring overview diagram for the entire system, but we will consider creating one in the future. Are there any specific features you’d like to see in such a diagram if we make one?

It would be fantastic to have the of the pins on the Farmduino named, or a document available with labelled pinouts. For example Encoder and stepper pins. The skeptic in me says that they are not named on purpose, to make it harder for fitting non-genuine parts. This, however, is just paranoid behavior on my part.

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