Farmbot Writ Large

New to the forum. Lots of comments around how Farmbot might scale. For those football and cricket fans in Australia we have a stadium technology called SpiderCam - a camera suspended from cables that can be directed to specific locations and that can follow action. The gantry used by Farmbot is the limiter to scale - cables might set it free?

I must agree SpiderCam is a pretty cool way of moving the camera around. It moves only in X and Y directions though - with farming you also need to move in Z direction (to plant the seeds).

The limitations of FarmBot primarily stem from the fact that it’s a modified version of a 3D printer.

Building a new robotic concept will take a lot of design work, new hardware and significant change of the code base.

Peter - SpiderCam moves in the X, Y and Z planes. Be that as it may, scaling Farmbot would be a significant technical challenge. I presume you are keeping a watching brief on Swarm Farm - a different take on the same problem.