Farmbots in Austin

Hi All,

I’m new to the FarmBot community but have followed the project for a while. By profession, I am a digital designer and I’m working on creating some new User Interface for the FarmBot project. However, I don’t currently have access to a unit and would love to find one in order to more deeply understand the entire process and ecosystem.

Are there any FarmBot owners in the Austin, Texas area that would be willing to show me their unit and growing process? Volunteers will receive their choice of craft beer.



I’m not much of a beer guy, but, yes - building a unit as we speak in Austin. X axis movement last week - hope to get the stepper drivers upgraded this weekend. FarmBot is at my Father-in-laws ranch near McKinney Falls drive and Thaxton road. DM me for contact info. . .cd

Forgot to add - really, anyone is welcome to come see my FB - it’s got a story for sure…

Automation is complete if you want to take a look. . .cd