Farmdesigner resetting to coordinates 0,0,0 after movement

When using the Move Farmbot to this plant in the farm designer software, the farmbot head moves to the correct coordinates. After it completes, the software resets the head position to coordinates 0,0,0 when the head actually stays in place. This results in inaccurate locations for further movement to other plants. If you attempt to send the head back home, it thinks its current position is home when it’s still at the last coordinates. Has anyone else seen this type of issue after the recent software update?

Sounds like your encoders are not working properly. I guess the parameter configs do not match anymore.

How is the behavior of the encoder output values in the controls tab when you move an axis? There is also a thread in the FAQ section here in the forum about that.

The head actually gets to the right location so I’m thinking the encoders are working? I dunno though. Here is a video of what the software is doing:

And a video showing the head moving to the correct spot to match the software:

The behavior described is caused by FarmBot not getting feedback from the encoders while the motors are moving. When the movement completes, the new position is reported as zero since the encoder position hasn’t changed. Please see the encoder troubleshooting FAQ for possible solutions.