Farmduino: Schematics, board layout, and hardware source files


I am asking again if it is possible to get schematics, board layout, PCB sources for Farmduino 1.6 and 2.2a board. There is nothing on google drive other than a schematic diagram.

Google Drive

I will be grateful for sharing.

Yes, it’s really a pity that the Farmduino 1.6 documentation is still not out. The assertion that it would be open source is thus called into question.

To top it all off, the circuit diagram as shown in “FMB-genesis 22a.pdf” does not seem to be the latest version. The IPROPI pin of the Rotary Tool driver is connected to pin 92 of the ATMega2560 (A5, D59) in this diagram. In fact, the Farmduino Board v2.2a seems to have a connection with pin 93 (A6, D60). This can be seen both in the illustration in the CAD data and in the fact that the “Mov All Weeds” uses pin 60 for stall detection.

I’m also wondering if it’s really true that R127 is supposed to be a 1 ohm resistor. This value seems to me to be far too small to be able to meaningfully measure the load of the Rotary Tool motor. Would it be possible for someone who owns a 2.2a board to measure this resistance? This resistor is located near the UTM connector.

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I am also keen to experiment with different parts of the circuit but don’t want to do it on the full board… Thus getting a few blank PCB’s made would make things much easier

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