Farmduino won't connect

First time poster here. :slight_smile:

After the last update, my Raspberry Pi won’t connect. I have tried reloading the Firmware twice but with the same results each time.

Each time I get an Error 30. Any suggestions? Can I or should I go back to a previous Firmware version?

Thanks for your help!

Not sure what you mean by “reloading the firmware” because there is Raspberry Pi firmware and Arduino firmware but one of the troubleshooting pages mentions this,purchased%20a%20FarmBot%20Express%20v1.&text=Selecting%20the%20wrong%20firmware%20version,code%2012%20%2F%20code%2030%20errors.

It states that:

Selecting the wrong firmware version is one of the most common causes of code 12 / code 30 errors.

So definitely re-flash your firmware if you haven’t already.


@FranktheTank What hardware type and Version (Genesis/Express, V1.x) do you have?

I have the Genesis v1.5 model. It was working correctly up until a couple weeks ago when the new firmware downloaded. I did restart it as well as a factory reset. When it still didn’t come back up, I downloaded the Farmbot-rpi3-10.1.2 and burned it to the card. Still getting the error 30 though.

So, as you can see, I’m kind of at a loss. I believe I’ve followed all the troubleshooting instructions.

@FranktheTank I will take a look now, assuming that your forum email address is the same as your web app email and the device is online so that I may remotely inspect it.

@FranktheTank Your device is ofline. Please power it on so that I can remotely inspect it. I am happy to help if you are having connectivity issues.

I just went out and checked. It’s on. Green and Blue lights on top are both on but the red and yellow buttons are flashing. Yes, my email is the same.

Thanks for your help!!


@FranktheTank OK, a few updates:

  • I’ve updated your device to 10.1.3
  • Your WiFi is a bit weak, or there is a network misconfiguration (might not be related to the issue at hand but it will affect the overall usability of your device).

It appears that your device is working again. Please let me know if this is not the case.

Hey I hate to be a buzz kill but I still have the same 30 error. I do see the version 10.1.3 installed. I’m at a loss now.:disappointed:

@FranktheTank Can I see a photo of the inside of your electronics box? Ideally with the wires showing and zoomed out far enough that I can see connection.

sure, let me know of this is zoomed out enough.

@FranktheTank Sorry for the lack of updates on our end, we’ve had a high volume of customer support requests this week. I am back to investigating your issue this morning.

@FranktheTank Actually, it looks like something may have changed on your end. Did you find a fix to the problem? I just logged in to your account to see this:

Then a few moments later I saw this:

Your WiFi strength is bouncing from 58-68%. The problem now appears to be related to internet connectivity rather than the Arduino firmware.

The best advice we can offer in this situation is to:

Excellent! It is back up and running again. Thanks so much for your assistance. I will setup a repeater soon and resolve the wifi issue.

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