[Farmware] Loop-Plants-With-Filters


Yes totally :see_no_evil: can you please delete my posts up and including the one from the 20th? Thanks… :wink:


hi all
i have just checked this farmware.

it works for me, with farmbot os 7.0.1 and WebApp 7.2.4

Plant stage status is well modified, i have checked in the database… But it is not dynamicaly refreshed in farm designer.
You need to refresh your browser (F5)

i found a little bug: it was logging an error when you set plant stage to None. In 1.0.3 just released version, it log a debug : “Nothing to save”

For plant Name/openfarm_slug filtering, wildcard works.
But keep in mind it’s not a regular expression.
You must set exact name or only wildcard * (with no space before or after…).
i will add this functionnality in next iteration.

Have a good farming :wink:



version 1.0.4 : Added sprouted status for plant stage


@renaud Could you add an additional input field for pointer_type? Right nowthe pointer type is fixed to “Plant”, which makes it impossible to filter for GenericPointers like Weeds.

I’d do a Pull request, but I’ve got almost no time for farmwares recently. :unamused: