Farmware on OS7 no longer runs

I reinstalled OS7.0.3 because I ran into issues with the latest version.

I can’t get any Farmware to run now. I tried something simple like Farmbot Labs Hello Farmware with manifest_v1.json. the farmware installs and with the latest version of farmware-tools but when run it just gives an execute_script “farmware failed” error.

I also tried loading a previous version 3.2.2 of Farmware tools by putting the farmware-tools version in the config file. The older version installed correctly but I just got the same script error.

I’m dead in the water at the moment…

@whitecaps, just a short comment from my experience . . v7.0.3 had a killer issue and was withdrawn.

The latest offered v7 release download was v7.0.1 which is still available for download at
(for Raspberry Pi 3 platform)

Awesome thanks @jsimmonds. I’ll reflash.

Yup back up and running with the farmware thanks again.