Farmware using default values instead of manual values

Aloha Folks,

I’ve started a new Farmware like any other of the Farmwares I have authored in the past and I am getting some strange behavior I haven’t seen before. No matter if I enter data into the config inputs or not, the Farmware always uses the config’s default value.
The following image shows Farmware config values set, however the log shows that each field is using the default value.

I am hoping that @Gabriel or someone knows of this behavior and and can suggest a fix.

This is likely an issue with the Farmware name, and could be a bug. Can you try adding spaces between capitalized words or removing punctuation in the name (the value for package in the Farmware manifest)?

Yes, you are correct. I had the package name the same as the repository name. Changing it to Audrey II from AudreyII seemed to do the trick.