FB and openhab integration

ok sure, if you need some samples for mqtt on OH 2.5 let me know, I can send you my configs as a sample. I had several issues to solve, now it works…
my best

Did you find a way to disable/uninstall the homie/homeautomation autodiscovery function permanently? That is the only thing that does not work yet.

Hi, no. I disable the 2 bundles related to homie/homeautomation in the karaf console. This change remains even after restart. But you’ll probably need to do it again after upgrading to a newer version.
We could place a feature request maybe, we are already 2 persons :slight_smile:

Hm, I’ve always tried to uninstall the homie/homeautomation bundles but they came back sporadically. Maybe disabling will help out. Maybe there is a way to disable those on startup …
Thanks so far :slight_smile: