FB resets to default

Here is the second time FB reset itself to default (i.e. required to got to setup.farm.bot).

Last time I attributed it to SW update. However today it happened again and it did not even come back after setup. Couple hours later the FB wifi appeared again and I was able to set it once again and get access to the FB.
Not sure how long it will last this time.

Thank you in advance!

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Ah very sorry. We pushed this release and it ended up having a bug. It looks like your bot updated in that window it was up.

I’m away at the moment, but tonight I can re release 6.4.9 to allow your bot to update since we don’t support downgrading

ok, what is the cure?

Thank you,

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Sorry see the edited comment

great, I’ll check for updates tonight.

FYI: my FB is 6.4.10 so if you rerelease 6.4.9 it may not update itself, right?

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Very sorry i didn’t get to this. Traveling and all that. I believe i have a fix that will go out today. I’m going to call it 6.4.11 so anyone who made it to 6.4.10 gets a proper update also.

Dear Farmbot friends:

6.4.11 seems to be giving the same message on our 1.2 Arduino Mega/RAMPS1.4 setup.

Also, we have been getting the UART message from another thread.