Feature Request implementation and voting possibility

Hi @roryaronson,

wouldn`t it be an idea that you kind of categorize the feature requests with implementation effort and then let the community decide (read vote) on which to integrate in the next minor or major release?

Cheers Klim

We’re using a hybrid approach of listening to the community and being guided by our long-term vision. “Voting” already happens to some degree by way of people suggesting things and others agreeing with hearts, elaborations on the feature request, inadvertently requesting it again in other topics, etc. We could try a poll though with the currently requested features?

Let’s try rory, why not!
I think it’s a very good idea!

@roryaronson Would it be an idea to open a voting topic for each upcoming software release, where the FarmBot staff selects a couple of do-able feature requests and users can choose their favorite?

As such, you’d create a topic like, say, “Vote for features for FarmBot v5.2”, which includes features from this forum category hand-picked by the developers.


Ok, let’s try it out! I’ll make a new poll topic with a few of the feature requests so everyone can vote. We’ll then prioritize the most-voted feature. We’ll need to be fairly judicious in our selection of feature requests to make sure we can accomplish the implementation in a reasonable amount of time and to make sure none of the options would derail our current roadmap and progress.

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