Feature Requests

I have two feature requests.

  1. During a sequence, I would like to be able to zero the x, y, and z coordinates. After running a sequence 0, 0, 0 often changes slightly. If I instead end every sequence by running into the barriers slightly and then setting everything to zero, repeated sequences would be more reliable.

  2. I would love to run sequences with parameters. Currently, when I run my plant seed sequence, I have to change the x, y for each seed I want planted. Supper tedious. Additionally, if I could run 10 sequences with a list of parameters, that would make planting 10 seeds as easy as planting 1.


We are working towards implement both of these features. We will keep you posted on when they are released.

This week we are working on the ability to perform a single sequence over multiple plants, which will eliminate a lot of the tedium involved with planting seeds at the moment.

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