Feburary Shipping date

Rory; My Ele, Jr. High programs will start next week. I am using the eight lessons that Yourduino.com puts out with their kit. It takes about a month to get through with it and introducing c++ programming. Non of the lessons complete the concepts and facts delivered for that level, so review and expansion are in the mix.

I have an IBM engineer, (past student), and friends to help me put together your kit. The frame is in my livingroom now.

My question is are you on track still to start shipping feburary first still. I can’t imagine the logistics that you guys are going through. Are you still on track? If not I have to make plans in one of the biggest ice burgs in the world.



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Hi Albert,

Yes we are still on track to ship the first batch of kits in February. We anticipate receiving all of the parts by the middle of February and then we’ll be doing some final testing. If everything checks out we’ll package them all up and get them out the door in the last week of the month :slight_smile: