"Find x length" not working

Just got my bot set up. Y and Z axis work good so far. But my x is giving me issues.

It goes as follows:
1.) If I key in a total length for x (i.e, 1250), and travel to a point half way between. Everything is good. Overall, x movement is good.
2.) My home is set is left rear corner, if facing the bot. If I say" find x length", the bot travels to my home. Then, once it gets there, makes 1 or 2 small movements, then stops. It then sets my length = .1

Does the find home do something different than regular movements? Is there a way to tune for it?

Any help is appreciated.


Correct, it is not the same thing as moving to position 0. Other things are happening inside the Farmduino/FBOS when you perform a FIND HOME. FIND HOME will go into reverse as far as it can. Once the motors stall, it then triple checks that it is truly at the end of the rails by attempting the movement two more times. This is not a bug.

If you’re having difficulty with the FIND LENGTH feature, It’s important to note that FIND LENGTH is not required for FarmBot operation. It’s a non-essential convenience feature. This is particularly true if your device has encoders (non-Express models). You can slide the X position to its physical maximum with your hands and manually input the on screen value (current X value) into the axis length field:


Once the device has a reasonable AXIS LENGTH value, you can begin gardening operations. This manual operation is best performed immediately after a FIND HOME operation.

If you are still having problems with motor calibration and you purchased your FarmBot kit from FarmBot, Inc. you may contact @Marc for additional support via email: contact@farmbot.io. Please have your purchase email or order number available as proof of purchase.

@Jarvisdvs Additionally, you might be running running an old version of the Farmduino firmware. If you are running the FBOS version that came on the SD card from the factory, I would recommend:

Thanks. I meant to say…" Does the find length do something different than regular movements? Is there a way to tune for it?

As for your other suggestions, I will take a look a look at reflashing the firmware.

Thanks for your reply.

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