Firmware changed from Genesis 1.3 to Express 1.0

I checked on my farmbot today and saw that the “Device” changed its “firmware” setting automatically from Genesis 1.3 (my hardware) to “Express V1.0” (not my hardware).
Is this ok?
What is the difference between them except a different RPI?
Shall I go back to 1.3 or stay on Express?

Hi @muenchris. If you are running v1.3, then yes, you should absolutely switch back. With that being said, we’ve seen some issues with your account this week (that are specific to only your account) and I was meaning to reach out to you to learn more about how we could help. I will continue this discussion in a private thread since we have not seen the error occur on any other production accounts.

sure, thank you

Update for anyone who finds this thread by searching:

Although there were some issues with the account in question, we did not have enough information to isolate the cause. We are suspicious, but can’t say definitively, that the issue was caused by having two web app sessions open on a device (iPad) with a spotty WiFi connection, possibly leading to row locking problems. Although the web app can support multiple users on the same account (eg: classrooms) we have seen problems for users who do this under unreliable network conditions.

Anyone who has experienced a similar situation is encouraged to share details.