Firmware didn't send any Info for 10 seconds

I also have the same problem and didn’t know how to solve it. I can connect it on 8 July, but after one week…i try to configure again…it appear this messageproblem 1

here my message from my connectivity

Hello @KhairulTajudin
I split your posts into a new thread because it didn’t fit the discussion where it was initially posted.
This should help to focus on your problem.

“Firmware didn’t send any info for 10 seconds” means that your Arduino does not communicate with your raspberry. There could be 2 reasons for that:

  • Arduino is not properly connected
  • The firmware was not successfully flashed on your Arduino while configurating

Please check if your wire between RaspberryPi and Arduino is plugged in correctly. If that is the case you could try to go through the configurator again and observe the LEDs on the Farmduino while the firmware is flashing.

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Hi. Yeah. Thank you very much @Ascend, now i get connected to Arduino and Raspberry pi. My Arduino Mega failed to recieved signal from my raspi. I change to another Arduino Mega, burn the firmware…and it’s works…

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