Firmware for all 3 microcontrollers of the Farmduino v2.0 boards


I’m trying to build a Farmduino v2.0 board myself. What I see is that farmbot_os, which runs on the PI, burns the firmware of the ATMEG2560-16AU. But what about the other two microcontrollers?

The STM32F303CXT6 is used to evaluate the encoder signals and must be programmed accordingly. And the ATMEGA16U2-MU apparently serves for USB communication? Where can I find the sources for these firmwares?

BTW: if I try to load the sources as described in the documentation with
git clone git --recursive
an error message takes place when loading the submodule for the arduino firmware:
git@github. com: Permission denied (publickey).

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Well, I have found the link to STM firmware. It can be found in the hardware description of the Farmduino.

But I can’t find a reference to the firmware for the small ATMEGA.