First Run, Seized Motor?

Aloha Farmbot Community,

Holualoa School here. I have just completed the electronics / configurator portion of the build instructions. Everything seems to working correctly except for the motor that moves the UTM left and right across the gantry appears to be seized. Even when the bot is powered off, the motor doesn’t move freely like the other motors do, but instead the timing belt rubs over the pulley when forced hard enough.


Hi Makoto!
Maybe disconnect the belt and then either run the motor in a “free-wheel” state or just try turning the shaft with your fingers. If it still seems to be seized, then the problem is maybe the motor itself. If it spins freely, then maybe the problem is in the drive train.
Just my thoughts…

Yup, turned out to be the shaft pulley being too close to the motor housing. I adjusted the pulley and now it is all good.