Fixed moisture sensor for Express

I’ve ordered a Farmbot Express (which doesn’t have a moisture sensor on the moving head) and was interested in putting fixed moisture sensors in a couple of places in the garden.

Can this be implemented easily (using spare pins on Farmduino Express) and integrated into the software?

Hey @apshamilton
you can easily connect the sensors to the farmduino express board as there are 8 analog input pins that can be used. Things that you probably will need:

  • Weather and UV resistant wire
  • 2.54mm DuPont Crimp connectors and (strongly recommended) a DuPont crimp tool
  • Moisture sensors that don’t wear out by corrosion. The sensors that you can find in the farmbot shop are not designed to be in moist soil for a long time. Search for capacitive sensors instead.

Software integration will be no issue at all, just the same as a genesis device.