Flashing SD Card for every re-boot

Hi guys,

having an issue here. I have to flash my SD card every time the farmbot shuts off and reboots from say, an E-stop for example. Whats happening is that the Farmbot won’t launch the network after the reboot.

Anyone experience this before?

I’ve reformated the SD card, tried another SD card also but I still have to flash the OS every time I reboot the bot from a cold start.


Are you using a Pi3? Maybe its a bad Pi?

Yeah, it’s a Pi3, Not exactly sure how I can confirm if its the board is bad or not.

As of right now, Logically, I would assume it’s the board seeing as how the use of different SD cards didn’t have an effect. but at the same time, everything else works just fine on the Farmbot also so could it really be the Pi3 or something more specific.

Any suggestions on a 100% sure fire way to determine if the board is dead or not?

Download and program your SD card with a raspberian os image. Boot the Pi and log in and try to make files on the file system (touch, etc.)

That way you can rule out the SD card and the Pi as causes.


Awesome, Ill try this out and hopefully i can determine the root of the issue!