French manufacturer/resellers

Hi everyone,
I live in south of France (Marseille) and I’m looking for French manufacturers, especially for waterjet cutting the plates in aluminium.
I’ll post here what I’ll find. And if anybody is interested too, you’re free to share your info :wink:

I would also be interested as well. I live in Iraq but I can easily get the plates shipped here from Europe.
Much better shipping cost from Europe than America.

Hi !

I also live in the south of France near Marseilles (La Fare les Oliviers) and I am interested also in the search of manufacturers.

By the way could we meet in Marseille ?



I would be interested as well!!


You can use the website john steel pro :, despite the english name they are located in Alsace ;-).
I have used their website this summer for a custom aluminium plate with a complex cutting schema, they are pretty fast and the quality is good.



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we are in contact with two waterjet-cutting companies located in Southwest Germany:

We would be happy to increase order volume (currently 2-4 farmbots) to get better conditions.
As well we want to built Farmbot 1.5m x 6m, so if anybody could easily adapt the “All Bracket…”-drawing in this folder would be great. (4 more Track joining plates)

We will order in 1-2 weeks, so when you are interested to order together please contact me. The 3-D parts we print by ourselfes and are happy to share this capability as well.

Cheerio Frank


I am Nancy and I work on the subject.

Reduce costs, seems a good start for the viability of this adventure.

Apart from the fun of the company far side there is no way of profitable an investment as important for a small surface cultivated.

I opened a French corner to our specific problems.
For the water Jet cutting I must do something.

I know a jet of water in France machine operator manufacturer.

It’s part of my project (unemployed)

FarmBotteur not yet, but it looks like good fun.

Sorry for my bad English.