From MPU 6050 with WiringPi I2C Library for Raspberry Pi

I am new for Development. For Arduino Basic Usage

Begin using Wire in master mode, where you will initiate and control data transfers. This is the most common use when interfacing with most I2C peripheral chips.

Begin using Wire in slave mode, where you will respond at “address” when other I2C masters chips initiate communication. Transmitting

Start a new transmission to a device at “address”. Master mode is used.

Send data. In master mode, beginTransmission must be called first.

In master mode, this ends the transmission and causes all buffered data to be sent.


Wire.requestFrom(address, count)
Read “count” bytes from a device at “address”. Master mode is used.

Returns the number of bytes available by calling receive.
Receive 1 byte.

How can I use similar function for Raspberry Pi ? Is it possible or Not ? I am using wiringPi Library.

Kindly help me to solve the problem. If you can provide example or sample that will be helpful for me.