Gantry Corner Bracket drawing


Im working on trying to fabricate the plates for the farmbot, when ive found that the drawings for the Gantry Corner Brackets is missing “” .

I was wondering if anyone would be carrying them? Would mighty appreciate it if you shared them.

Forrestgump :smiley:

Hey Guys,

I made a few drawings out of what I could understand from the CAD model. I decided to make 4 individual pieces and then weld them together. In my opinion it would be advisable to bore the holes after the welding to ensure accuracy.

A word of caution : Im not sure if the measurements are accurate to the mm as I had to make do with with what I could understand from the CAD diagram as reference.

You can find the native CAD models and drawings here:

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Ty :slight_smile:

Are the drawings above correct?