Going solar, 12V or 24V

Hello everyone,

I was working on solar, got a nice panel and battery. I disconnected the power supply and then I noticed the power supply gives 24V output. The inspiration page about solar (https://genesis.farm.bot/v1.4/docs/power-farmbot-with-solar) says I can connect farmbot directly to the solar system, which is a 12V system.

So can I connect it or do I need a converter (and does the solar page need an adjustment)?

Thanks in advance,
Guido Cramwinckel.

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I think from Genesis v1.4 + the primary DC supply is 24V
Check the model release notes !

Yes, previous models used 12v power supplies, as might a DIY FarmBot build using a RAMPS board. More recent FarmBot models run on 24v, so you will need a voltage converter. I’ll update the docs to indicate that newer FarmBot electronics run on 24v.


Could you update the rainwater page too? The value is a Voltage DC24 type, guess I need a 24 V pump now and not a 12 V.

Rainwater page:


Please see I Reworked My FB Express Power

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