"Got Idle" error and crashed sequence

After all the new software updates (6.4.0 on Genesis 1.2) I now receive an error “Got idle while executing a command” half way walk through my watering sequence, always crashing and locking. I have tried changing every encoder setting without luck.

@roryaronson any help? Having the same issue.

Feature Idea: farmbot to know when and where it loses connection and breaks sequence to be able to start again where it left off. Currently very inconvenient for long sequences.

A new implementation of sequence execution that is in the works will be much more robust. It may allow for FarmBot to pick up where it leaves off in the case of firmware error, power loss, e-stop, etc type situations.

In the meantime, can you provide some additional information? Which OS version do you have installed and are you using the Arduino/RAMPS combo or a Farmduino board? Are you experiencing this issue randomly, always during a specific sequence, always during certain conditions or ??

  • OS Version 6.4.3.
  • Farmduino Board (Genesis V1.3)
  • It is typically a random issue that occurs when watering the plants. I believe it may be something to do with the hardware of the solenoid valve, maybe a bad connection (even though I checked). But the farmduino board lights up on the water peripheral LED for an instant then cuts out, which is when I get the idle error.

Same here, nothing new to me. It happens regularly, lets say every third MLH farmware execution…

Can you try plugging the Solenoid Valve into one of the other peripheral connectors on the Farmduino and changing your sequence to use the new pin number? That may help determine if it is a Farmduino hardware issue or something else.

Please also upgrade your OS to 6.4.5, which was released a few days ago.

But this would not explain why I see this behavior as well…?!