Got unhandled gcode: R72

Hi everyone, my Farmbot gets failed movement consistently, and the debug logs are shown as follow:

any thought to fix this problem?

What version of FarmBot OS do you have installed? (Device page > Device widget > FarmBot OS)

It’s the latest version 6.3.2

What are your axis timeout settings in the Hardware widget Homing and Calibration section and are the movements taking longer than those settings?

The timeout is 120 seconds, settings in this section and Mottors are all default values except that I inverted the X1, X2, and Y motors.

When I do Calibrate X, it definitely takes longer than 2 minutes, while this also happens when performing Calibrate Y, and the log is slightly different:

R72/error 2 means the axis timeout duration has been reached. Thanks for reporting the unhandled error, that is a bug that will be fixed in the next release. The log will include a description of the error instead of the error code.

However to fix the issue you are experiencing (axis timeout), you will most likely need to either increase the timeout value or increase motor homing speed.

I see, thank you so much!

By the way, my FarmBot now is printing those logs frequently (though nothing goes wrong) after I fixed the previous “unhandled gcode” issue by changing the timeout values. I cannot figure out what those G/F codes means, and they are not stopping. Does this mean that FarmBot is doing something in the background which is regularly scheduled?

Those are regular status and position reports. You can turn off received firmware logs to hide them.

Got it! Thanks very much~:+1: