Gpio header serial access

I have attached a usb ttl cable to raspberry pi. With raspian os and enable uart enabled I can attach fine , but I cannot get in to farmbot os. Is there something I need to do to enable uart

What command are you using, and what issue are you experiencing? Are you seeing a blank screen?

It seems to attach using screen /dev/ttyusb0 it seems to attach and a blank screen appears try to type and nothing. Same thing with raspian except I can type characters and get a logon prompt
When I close gnome terminal it tells me I have an open appears that pity is just not responding. I did have to remove my arduino. I would not think this should be an issue

Do you see logs in the screen if you perform an action through the web app or restart the device?

No nothing trying to connect via usb ttl cable cant even login to the pi

TTL serial access in FarmBot OS is read-only, so there is no “pi login”. You should see messages in the screen though if you perform an action through the web app or restart the device.

Restarting device kills the screen command

Is there a version that gives me more access to the os.

Frustrating I don’t think farmbot os is properly connecting to s local web ap. But I dee no errors on ubuntu or ap.

Restarting FarmBot OS should not stop the screen command running on a separate machine since the USB TTL adapter is still connected. Perhaps your adapter works differently.

FarmBot OS is not Raspbian. It does not have the same functionality as Raspbian, since it is a custom operating system built specifically for FarmBot and written in Elixir. However, if you are interested in development and have experience building operating systems and with Elixir, you can build from source to get access to the Elixir shell.

Please keep posts on-topic. If you need help with a different issue, please open a new topic. For a more technical issue such as connecting FarmBot OS to a web app running locally, I recommend opening an issue on GitHub.