GT2 Timing Belt

Does anyone know how much to buy?

The bill of materials states that you need 12 meters in the drive train chart…but then under the picture it says 2 x 4.5m lengths and 1 x 2m length which would equal 11m but lets assume an extra meter is there just to be on the safe side. Then the pricing in the chart says $1.33/m and the pricing under the picture says $2.50/foot from openbuilds. If you were to calculate that price according to 12m it would be 12m = 39 feet so at $2.50/foot … $2.50 x 39 = $97.5 + Shipping. The chart has it priced at $1.33/m so the total is $15.96. That is a huge difference. Is there something im missing here??

I recently purchase 5 m on Amazon for $8.77 after tax. Look around for your length or contact the seller. Here is the link the belt I purchased.

5 Meters GT2 2mm pitch 6mm wide Timing Belt for 3D printer CNC

Thanks again Dave!

Are you using the same V slot aluminum? Because it recommends 5mm width on the bill of materials and your link is 6mm width. Think it would work the same?

Ah woops, yes that is another error in the BOM. I think what I did was I first used the price from openbuilds, and then probably switched in the other location to a price off Amazon or something. I’ll fix it up right now.