Hail from Brazil!

Hail folks…
My name is Tesso and im from Brazil.
Im a Java Dev, arduino and raspberry pi enthusiast.

Ive been planting vegetables for years now, in my home garden, to provide health food for my kids…

Now i would like to build the farmbot here in my backyard.

Anyone can gimme a hand during this process??

We are a small school that has been working with arduino processors and xbee transmitters and now have purchased the farmbot kit.

When it is delivered we will be assembling with the help of an IBM engineer.

in the past we have been using the arduno / xbee combination to monitor our greenhouse … outside temp, inside temp, soil ph, moisture and turn fans on and off.

We were set up to turn our water system on and off.

So we would be happy to compare notes as we go through the farmbot assembly.

my engineer friend has been working with Rasberry PI and I hope that is enough to get us started.



We also have Nest cameras, and remote connectivity that we can utilize.

Hello @Albert, @tessomc

We have just launched our Farmbot Kits for order, and we can also ship to Brazil (free delivery).
You can check our website http://wefarmbot.com/en/2 to have a look and leave feedback.

If you are interested, let me know, i will be more than pleased to help you.

Thank you.